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What is chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy, also known as “liquidation bankruptcy”, offers immediate debt relief and stops all collection efforts by creditors, including their harassing calls and collection letters. It wipes the slate clean for most unsecured debt, like credit cards, medical bills and judgements, while still allowing debtors to keep exempt property, giving them the fresh financial start, they desire and need.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with debt, or facing a wage garnishment, repossession, foreclosure or other legal action, then filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the right solution for you. Contact us today for a free, no obligation case review so we can determine if you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, weigh its potential benefits or burdens, and help you make the best decision for your financial future. chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney chapter 7 attorney chapter 7 lawyer

do i qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy?

How you qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy changed in October of 2005 with the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act (BAPCPA). Those changes made it harder for high income filers to qualify, as debtors must now have a current monthly income that is equal to or less than the state median income for a household of their size to qualify. If it is more than the median, debtors must submit to a “means test” that examines their finances to figure out if they have enough disposable income to repay all or a portion of their debt in a Chapter 13. 

Our bankruptcy team at Teague Law Firm has decades of experience in Chapter 7 bankruptcy planning and are dedicated to helping our clients understand their rights and options under the bankruptcy law. You can rely on us to help guide you through the entire process and to help you choose the best option for your unique financial situation to become debt free.


Types of debts dischargable in a chapter 7 include:

Credit Card Debts

Medical Bills

Personal Loans

Payday Loans


Utility Bills

Non-Dischargable Debts in Chapter 7 include:

Child Support and Alimony Payments

Most Student Loans

Tax Debt (In Most Cases)

Court-Ordered Fines or Penalties

Restitution to Personal Injury Victims or Crime Victims

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